Why a MotoCamping Workshop?

The joy of camping is communing with nature, sleeping under the stars and smelling like a campfire in the morning. After the day’s ride, whether you take your time and prepare a fancy meal or just heat up a can of ready-to-eat and savor it slowly, there’s nothing else to worry about… except the dishes!
To truly get out into the wilderness and be immersed in nature you will just have to camp. As motorcyclists, we are always looking for those remote stretches of road, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where we can just roll on the throttle and enjoy the ride. Coincidentally, these same roads often lead to great places to camp, so you might as well bring a tent and enjoy a few days of peace and tranquility.

The workshop will cover all that you would need for MotoCamping. The workshop will focus on the skills you need to camp out in the open / wilderness. The underlying philosophy will be the “I Dont Trash My travel” ideologies.

Why do I need to be here?

The MotoCamping Experience will include instructional sessions (designed for beginners), interactive sessions by travellers who have travelled extensively in India and abroad, mostly camping along the way and an ideal location in the midst of nature to engage in a hands-on-workshop and also meet like minded folks.

If you are beginner or a pro motocamper or just inquisitive – this is the place to be on June 7th / 2018.

Where is the workshop going to be?

The workshop will be held at a campsite around Coorg District.

Approximately 250 kms from Bangalore. 4-5 hours of riding time. Click the link for a map location. We’ll send you venue location and route details, once you sign up or closer to the event.

Campsite for the 3 day MotoCamp workshop

What will i do over the 3 days?

The 3 days and 2 nights will be pretty much packed (heh-heh).
You will learn essential skills that will equip you when camping on your motorcycle travels.

  1. Choosing the perfect camp, setting up tents / camp – Best practices
  2. Resource management – Water / food / equipment / landscape
  3. Clothing – Camping scenario
  4. Sessions by travellers – MotoCamping (India & Abroad)
  5. Equipment – How to plan, What to carry, What you really need
  6. Packing – Bike luggage, making choices / how to pack
  7. Camping when travelling – as a way of life
  8. Nutrition on the Go
  9. Low impact – #idonttrashmytravel principles
  10. Cooking plan / resources and practical do-it-yourself at camp
  11. Outdoor Hygiene
  12. And lots more

These include camping safely, sustainably and leaving the place better than you found it.

How much does the workshop cost?

The 3 day workshop will cost

Rs.7,000/- if you have your own tent

Rs 8,000/- if you will be using the tents at the campsite.

What does my ticket cost cover?

  • Entry to the campsite, and place to pitch your tent
  • You can rent a tent at the venue at an additional cost – but try wrangle one from a friend. It’s more fun
  • All the learning sessions and interactive sessions
  • Food and space for camping for two nights and three days
  • You will need to bring your camping gear ( We will send you a checklist)
  • We will provide you with one dinner for the day. Other meals will be cooked by you / us as part of the learning sessions – all resources / instructions / ingredients will be provided by us. You will need to carry your eating utensils and also cooking utensils if you would like to put it use.
  • Cost does not include the ride – you need to reach the campsite on your own or connect with other participants to ride along.

How do I book a spot?

We’re only taking bookings online. This will be a Rs.1,000/- non-refundable deposit and we will reserve your slot. We will connect with you to coordinate for the remaining payment as well as the as additional information on the workshop.

The 3 day workshop will cost

Rs.7,000/- if you have your own tent

Rs 8,000/- if you will be using the tents at the campsite.

To book – Click here!

A word of caution:

  1. It is a workshop designed with specific interest in mind by the MTM team and our expert network.
  2. The idea and philosophy for organising MotoCamp is to fill the need gap, urge people to travel independently with knowledge and confidence. Our effort towards a Better Touring Culture.
  3. It is our aim to inculcate the principles of “I Dont Trash My Travel” in our community.
  4. MotoCamp is not a leisurely fun event, although we will have loads of fun during the process of learning.
  5. Like most of our events – It will be packed with sessions and interactions.
  6. You will get to meet some lovely people with like minded interests and outlook. MTM is all about people, it’s quite infectious.